5 Great Human Gatherings; Food Provision

Great Human Gatherings, Food Provision

It is crystal clear that human gatherings require supplements and provisions. As the number of participants rise, the requirements will rise dramatically. How can these requirements be fulfilled when millions of people gather in one single place?

From Japanese Hanami in the far east, to Diwali in India, to Okoberfest in Germany, and to Albuquerque in far west, there are many gatherings and rallies held annually all around the globe. Millions of people gather to sing and play, to enjoy, to celebrate or commemorate, to color or wash, to eat and drink. Providing food for gatherings of millions of participant might sound “not that difficult” but it is done through a lot of planning and of course spending. Let’s take a look at five great gatherings and rallies of the world and how people get their food in the very greatest.

Five: San Fermin is mostly known for running of the bulls. At noon of the 6th of July in the City of Pamplona celebrations start and continue until the 14th of July every year.

Not everyone knows or even cares about the history of this event. It is said that San Fermin is held in honor of Saint Fermin, a Christian priest who was beheaded and his body was dragged to the city by an angry bull.

Today gathering of about 1 million tourists, dressed in white with red sashes and kerchiefs are some the symbols of the historical event.

No special food is introduced for the event but tourists enjoy grilled beef, scallop, and Spanish dishes and drinks.

Four: On the second Sunday in October, about 2 Million Catholics from all around Brazil hold a 3.5 km walk in a city in Amazon region called Bélem (Portuguese for Bethlehem) in honor of Cirio de Nazaré.

They say the tradition started when a farmer found a statue of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré. He decided to take the statue home. However, the statue would mysteriously go back to the place where it was initially found every time he took it home.

Today the Basilica of Our Lady of Nazareth of Exile stands on the same place. The ceremonies are also regarded as the Christmas of the Amazon.

Three: World Youth Day is an event for young people organized by the Catholic Church but is not annual, since 1985 it is held every 2 or 3 years. However, number of participants is in millions. In 2008 World Youth Day was celebrated in Sydney, where a 10 km walk was recorded.

On this day the youth celebrate their attendance and Catholic beliefs. They sing national songs with a theme of Catholicism. 

World Youth Day is also not celebrated in one single city or area; therefore, there is a chance to taste dishes and recipes of the home countries for the foreigners gathering for the ceremonies.

Two: Annual Carnival of Venice is one of the oldest and most famous celebrations of the world. Every February more than 3 million tourists travel to Venice to join these ceremonies.

The festival is famous for its elaborate masks. Masks are used to cover differences between the poor and the rich as well as joking with the officials and the upper class.

Like San Fermin, few participants know or care about the history of this festival, but about Carnival of Venice they cannot be blamed that much as the history is not very clear.

Although other festivities such as food face negligence as masks own all the attention in Venice Carnival, it is not difficult to guess that February is a special month for Venetian restaurants.

One: the greatest of all gatherings and rallies is called Arbaeen (Arabic for forty) with more 20 million participants. It’s about 14 centuries that 40 days after the battle of Karbala Muslims go on pilgrimage to this city and commemorate Imam Hussain, the grandson of their prophet, Muhammad. Millions of people from different countries attend these ceremonies but no one has to pay for their food. War stricken people of Iraq generously provide food for this population free of charge. They believe supplying the needs of their Hussain’s pilgrims will return with blessing.

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