This Startup Helps Urbanites Grow Their Own Organic Fruits and Vegetables


It’s a rare joy for people living in cities to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

But as cities expand, there’s lack of space for people to set up even a kitchen garden, let alone organic garden.
In Haryana, Edible Routes provides the end-to-end support to create and manage organic gardens. Launched in 2010, the organisation rents 2,400-sq-ft “farmlet” of its own land to people who want to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Customers can choose any plant they want to grow, and the rest is taken care of by the organisation. Edible Routes also conducts workshops for its customers.
“It was started with the objective to help people to get back to nature and spread the belief of eating produce grown naturally,” said Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kapil Mandawewala.
The organisation initially bought a 4-acre land near Ayanagar, Haryana. They soon expanded it to 10 acres, owing to a huge demand for their workshops and lack of space for kitchen and terrace gardens in cities.

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