Yemen Crisis

On March 26, millions of Yemeni civilians entered the fourth year of an unjust war; a war with a death toll of more than 10 thousand and displacement of more than 2 million, a war through which more than 8.4 million suffer severe food insecurity, a war causing a widespread famine threatening lives of more than 22 million people as it is accompanied by an air, land and most importantly sea blockade.
These are not all the shocking numbers and facts of the Yemen crisis. According to International Committee of Red Cross the number of cholera cases has reached 1 million and as summer approaches this number is to rise dramatically. United Nations aid chief believes the world is going to witness the worst humanitarian disaster in 50 years unless some serious steps are taken to change the situation. Who knows what it means to lose one child every 10 minutes?
These crimes are not committed just by worst brutal dictators of our era, our governments have blood on their hands as well, whether arming the criminals or just ignoring the disaster taking place not too far from us. Unfortunately the media is not shedding light on the darker sides in need of attention in this war and international organizations are silenced by the so-called contributions.
Yemen blockade needs to end and we all have responsibilities as we have the right to ask our governments to act. A whole nation is deprived of food and medicine as war criminals want them powerless. We as the Food Power will try our best to help lift this inhumane blockade and look forward to see everyone concerning the Yemen crisis.

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